June 11 - June 18, 1999

Friday night Mark, Wouter, and I went out for Mexican food at Rosie's Cantina. The food was OK, but the beer was cold and for the first time ever I enjoyed Guacamole.

Afterwards Mark and I went to see the movie, The Matrix. Way cool movie. Awesome visuals and really screwed with your mind. Drove home at 3:30am.

I read a quote somewhere: The study of Artifical Intelligence is trying to make computers act like the computers in the Movies.

And in real life the pretty girl never, ever goes for the computer programmer.

I bought a Playstation for home entertainment. Along with a couple games. They are a lot of fun and make up for not having an internet connection at home.

On Saturday and Sunday I played poker at the casino. Very fun and got to meet some new people. I really wish Minnesota casino's spread Poker. I heard there was a proposal to allow Canterbury to have a card room. I hope it happens. Notice I never said anything about how much I won.

On Tuesday I went down to DAF for a 8:30 meeting, I had to leave before 6:45 and still spent way too much time in traffic. There are way too many cars and trucks in Holland. The meeting was to redesign some reports for the 5th or 6th time. My new project manager, Nathalie, has much more patience than I have. This is a good thing.

The rest of the week was in the office. I have set up my computer from the U.S. and things are getting into shape. I fixed several interesting bugs this week. Last week I fixed my hopefully last Y2K issue. It wasn't a bug, but rather a request to change how years were handled.

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