October 11th, 1999

So I'm sitting here watching Forrest Gump, one of my deepest darkest secret favorites, and the Dutch Television station interrupts it for the NEWS!!! Imagine, stopping a movie for a half hour just for news.

I rail against movies with dumb plots or super thin characters, but Forrest Gump gets to me. I enjoy it inspite of itself. Primarily for Tom Hanks and Robin Wright.

Of course I'm still appalled it won Best Picture over Shawshank Redemption and the King of Films, Pulp Fiction. Both of which are vastly superior films. 1994 was a great year for films.

I'm in a bind programming. I'm modifying the quote module in the program I'm working on to calculate using amounts rather than percentages. It should be more precise, not by a lot, but by a little.

But everything I do is turning out wrong. I try and clean up the code and I break something. Not a big thing, so I fix it and move on. 6 hours later I discover, oops, I needed that object I deleted. I'm totally burned out on this, but I can't stop. I keep trying to fix this and it gets worse.


Cranked out this update in 20 minutes. It probably shows.

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