May 11th, 2000

So much has changed since my last update, it seems like a different life.

I really enjoyed my skiing vacation in Colorado. I forget why I haven't done that more often. The altitude change did kill me for a few days.

I've sold my home in Mankato. It took a lot of work by Jeanne and Bill, and a massive redistribution of all my worldly possessions, but it got done in record time. The closing was done 2.5 weeks after the offer.

So, I'm living in the center of Amsterdam. I have a cable modem, so I'm on the net again a lot. I'm able to play Quake and HalfLife online and cause havok. I finally have the furniture in the place that I want. I bought a new chair and footstool and after I get another table, it will be perfect. I love my new apartment so much!! There is so much to do in Amsterdam and so much going on. Last Thursday I went to Dam Square and watched the Queen lay a wreath to honor the dead of WW2. I can go out to movies anytime I want. I can eat in or go out every night. Compared to the rather monkish existence I endured in Hoofdorp, this is incredible.


My work is suffering. I'm having difficulties with the program I work on. It's been a while since I've had challenges as a programmer.

I'm starting to notice that I an 29 and alone. Amsterdam is very much a couples town. It's not easy being a singleton in this town. You get the worst seats in restaurants and have to watch the very romantic couples all around you.

For those who follow the NASDAQ and wonder about all my great stock picks. All gone. I got out of the market after the big drop in April and have not got back in. This has saved me quite a bit. I've got a little Cisco left, but I'm 80% cash until the Fed is done raising interest rates. In my mutual funds, I've shifted some capital from big cap funds to international funds such as Janus Worldwide. I think the dollar is at or is close to its high against other currencies, particularly the Euro.

I think George W. Bush will do fine as President. He's beaten McCain soundly and I think will appeal to most voters. After 8 years of Clinton, this change will be very welcome. I hope Bush will have a Republican House and Senate to help him.

As for the charge that government has been "do nothing" for the last several years, I say Bravo! If the only legacy of the Republican Revolution of 1994 has been to keep Clinton from having a legacy, then it has done a fine job in difficult circumstances.

I'll be back and talking more often from now on.

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